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Tune yourself to IBPS season religiously if you do want some job atleast !!

Friends, the " IBPS Season" is about to start & before you tune yourself for this season, here are few facts that you should not forget...

1. Unemployment level & competition is increasing drastically every year.

2. There was a time when scoring 400+ in SSC before interview one used to think of becoming an Income Tax Inspector. But those days are gone. Now after getting 425 you might even be worried if you will even get any call for non-interview post (don't even think of inspector post) And just calculate 420 / 600 ~ 70% and you are out of the merit even after getting 70%.
....................So pause and think. .....................

3. IBPS Clerical + PO >> Many good PSU banks >> Thousands of jobs >> Exam comparatively easier than SSC >> Surely salary is a bit less than SSC, but it is better than not having a job at all. First get a job, then side by side you can try for SSC or UPSC  with extra hardwork.

4. Sooner or later, Banks will give alternate Saturdays Off + Other Perks atleast in Officer cadre in banks are more than SSC (Believe it or not ! )

5. Pattern of IBPS has changed & Pre Phase has become very important because in one go more than 75% of the people will be eliminated. It doesn't mean that mains and interview are not important. No. Every part is important, but if you do not qualify Pre, there is no use of being prepared for Mains & Interview.

6. So plan your studies. Work Hard religiously for the remaining 2-3 months and secure a job.

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ABCD of Famous Coaching Institutes - Some Curious Things, Some Traps and Some Misguidance

Lets start with asking few questions.

1. Why do you need coaching ?
2. Can you crack exam without coaching ?
3. How come every institute in nearby city shows hundreds of candidates selected as Bank PO or clerk ? Sometimes you might even think that if we sum total all these photos, it will be greater than the total number of posts notified in bank recruitment or selections. So how can all these claim to be true ? And every city you visit, be it every locality, each coaching has to tell you atleast a hundred selected..
4. Can coaching institutes really deliver such magical results ?

Such are the questions that most of you do not think ! 
And just looking at the poster, go and sit for demo class (which obviously will be the most easiest topic which you will grasp easily), you are happy, pay the fee and have a bad experience.

Lets unlock the mystery.
Do you actually think that just one coaching institute has the best of everything - faculty, students and results ? Are the rest of people fools ? Can only Coaching students become Bank POs and Clerks & Inspectors?
The biggest truth is that majority of students crack these exam without coaching. Because majority of students cannot afford it actually. People from really humble background have cleared exams from clerk to IAS without coaching. 

You will need coaching only when 
1. you are not disciplined to study regularly by yourself
2. you are misguided by people, successful or unsuccessful senior players of the game 
3. misguided by the posters and selection claims by the institutes.
4. do not have confidence in yourself, are nervous or full of anxiety
5. do not do your homework of doing a self research on the exam, pattern, cut offs, questions, previous papers and all that stuff.. // Doing this is the most important thing .. //

These are the things that the coaching business takes advantage of. You are nervous and full of anxiety and the coaching marketeers will terrify you with "Arey baba !! Aajkal toh competition baht bad gaya hai.. " They will give you free xerox notes of few pages with selected difficult questions and some sort of designed tricks which entice you to believe that you know nothing and all the knowledge resides in Coaching dens. They might publish a booklet with typical questions you will never see in exam.. They will teach you in demo things that will either win you by your acceptance of easy concepts or by fear of difficulty level.

Coaching Hoax !

Yes you can crack without joining any coaching institutes
How ? 
Get 1 or 2 good books and no more. Read them, revise them again and again. Practice the questions. Take sample papers book from market. Search for some online quiz or mock test. and Keep looking at previous years papers to see that you do not deviate from actual pattern. AND Stop believing that only so and so coaching wala's questions will come in exam.. 

The curious things about Coaching these days..
#1 Now coaching walas have found a new marketing way. They say they will create a lifetime membership card for you and you can attend again and again till you get selected without paying any fee again. You also think its good yaar, Lifetime mein jab marzi aa kr classes attend kro ... wo bhi free..
 // So even after paying loads of fee for nothing, you still have that you will not get through ? 
// Think Why should there be need for coming again and again ?
// Are you such a free person ? Will you not have any work to do in future ? Do not underestimate yourself. 
// Stop this non-sense lifetime membership classes concept.

#2 Race of booklets & content
First Coaching : We will give you 10 booklets
Second :  We will give you 14 booklets
third : We will give you this.. give you that... this... that....
 // And you will keep on doing this .. that... reading this.. that...  DO NOT get lost in coaching booklets. They aren't worth the time you spend on them.

First Coaching : Our booklet contains advance questions
Second Coaching : we will teach high level also..
Third :  We will give this also... that also .. this also.. that also...
   // Stop accumulating this and that irrelevant things if you seriously want to crack the exam. Focus on the pattern of the exam rather than this level or that level.. advance level or high level...

#Loads of pictures on posters and advertisements
Sometimes I wish if I could just collect all pictures and sum total them to see even if there were so many vacancies...
Stop believing the bullshit of coaching posters showing loads of photos of selection.

Different Scenarios in which coaching walas use the candidates photos

#Scenario 1 - Some one clears the written exam, is curious about interview. & at the same time Coaching walas students have performed miserably or not so well as per their claims. They keep free mock interviews. Serious non-coaching candidates are mislead and also because of nervousness and curiosity they take the opportunity to check out what it is like sitting in an interview.. Coaching walas ask them to fill the form... take photos .. this and that formality.. You appear for a bogus interview good for nothing.. waste your time and go home... But now that candidates have become students of that coaching wala by just coming for free mock interview.. So Coaching Wala will publish their photos. If they had gone to more than one institute for free bogus interviews, these bogus coaching walas will publish their fotos too..  
And next time when session starts and you search for coaching walas.. you will see .... Ohhh these many selections.. good. good..

#Scenario 2 - I fell trap to bogus coaching wala seeing posters and because of panic trusting level of exam is beyond self preparation. I joined . I wasted my time and money. I did not crack exam. I sat one year at home doing all my study myself and meanwhile coaching walas have taken trap on new people.. This process goes for every cycle... After toiling day and night by myself,, if and when I crack exam, coaching walas will publish my photo whatsoever happens even though in my heart I may be cursing them for wasting my time and money. So the number of photos build up even though coaching walas role in my selection was minimal or not worthy.
// This also gives false impression on your mind. Since much of the students selected were not freshers .. giving their 2nd , 3rd or 4th attempt... but posters don't tell that.. and you might think looking at poster that such people joined this institute and made success... Bullshit

#Scenario 3 - Mr X gets a franchisee of  XYZ institute. XYZ has branches all across say northern region of India. It has franchisee in every city after 40 km. Now obviously some people get selected. What will the institute and franchisee do ? They will advertise so and so many selected in Bank PO without mentioning that they were collectively from sooooo many franchisee across the region .. On an average selection per franchisee or say per branch is very minimal 3 or 4. 
suppose 100 branches, so bare minimum selection if is 2, simple arithmetic says 200 may get selected.
Now every branch will give big posters 200 selected. You are made to believe that your chance of selection in this institute is very bright. 
That is not so.. just see the success ratio of your city's institute. 
Imagine this...Say institute runs 5-6 batches of 45- 50 students each.. say it had 250 students. and just 5 got selected . Success Ratio = 5/250  = 2% success ratio ...  Isn't it pathetic ? And you get so much enticed by the banners .... Now think the worst thing. Batches start and they complete and new batch start.. So in an year they run more than 15 batches.. with 45-50 students.. and  at the end of year if 15 students are selected.. means 1 student per batch.. Isn't that still pathetic ?
// I am using very generous figures. You will see same institute in more than one location in big cities by the same person and success ratio ??  Almost Nil.. What's the purpose ? To make you fool and Mint Money..

Coaching institute does not do any magic. They talk business. They do Business
They simply take more fee from you  and "Hire the Cheapest teachers" jisse kaam chal jaae bss . The teachers who are not paid well have worries about their survival and earning livelihood because they actually are not getting enough to live well and so they will never bother about you. They will just deliver lectures because they are paid for that but not teach you because they are not paid for that.

It is a rarest of the rare case, that you come across an institute who is more interested in your welfare than minting money.

So before believing the poster and banner data. Think Once.

// These are my personal views + interpretation of the facts I am seeing after looking at my two friends who have taken coaching from branded Bank PO coaching inst. CCC Dull Institute

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Previous Year Punjab and Haryana High Court Clerk papers

Paper 1 

Friends, I could not find the official answer key to it, but may be this can help you out.
Event 1
Event 2

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हिंदी माध्यम में बैंक पीओ की तैयारी के लिए कौन सी किताब का चयन कर सकते हैं | Which book to select for Bank PO preparation in Hindi Medium

हिन्दी माध्यम में बैंक पीओ की किताब का चयन करें

अगर आप बैंक पीओ की तैयारी आरम्भ कर रहे हैं तो सबसे पहला प्रश्न आपके सामने यह उठता है के आप कौन सी किताब अपनाऐं । यह प्रश्न इसलिए ज़रूरी हो जाता है क्योंकि आजकल अंग्रेजी माध्यम की ही किताबें अधिक्तर होती हैं और यदि हिंदी में किताबें मिलती हैं तो उनकी क्वालिटी अच्छी नही रहती । होता यह है की आपको न चाहते हुए भी वह लेनी पड़ती हैं क्योंकि विकल्प का अभाव रहता है । परंतु यदि आप कुछ बाज़ार में कोशिश करें या ऑनलाइन मार्किट में ढूंढें तो आपको बार बार विकल्प नही ढूंढने पड़ेंगे , अर्थात आप पहली  बार में ही अच्छी किताब से तयारी कर सफलता प्राप्त कर सकते हैं । इसलिए एक अच्छी किताब का महत्व भी काफी बड़ जाता है ।

अब प्रश्न उठता है की आप किताबें लें भी तो कितनी ?
इस सवाल का सीधा सा जवाब यह है की किताबें हो कम और उनका अध्ययन हो अधिक्तर ।

आप केवल तीन किताबों पर निर्भर हो कर इस इम्तिहान को पार कर सकते हैं ।  यह तीन किताबें हो सकती हैं
१. मूल किताब - (very  basic )  जिस से आप की तयारी शुरू होती है , इसमें सब कुछ होना चाहिए जो आपको पड़ना है ।
२. पिछले साल के प्रश्नों की किताब - (previous  papers ) - इस से आपको पता चलता है के इम्तिहान में पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्नों का (level ) स्तर क्या रहेगा ।
३. और एक किताब आपको चाहिए अभ्यास करने के लिए (Model  Practice Papers ) क्योंकि बिना अभ्यास के तो काम चलेगा नही

मूल किताब इन में से कोई भी चयन कर सकते हैं

यह दोनों अच्छी किताबें है और आपकी तैयारी तो यहीं से ही शुरू होनी चाहिए ।  यदि हमसे पूछें तो हम अरिहंत की ही सिफारिश करेंगे क्योंकि यह यूनीक की किताब  से बेहतर है और ज्यादा material  दिया गया है । अभ्यास के प्रश्न भी ज्यादा हैं । भले ही  १०० रूपये मात्र ज्यादा लगाने पड़  जायें ।  किन्तु यदि आप यूनीक लें तो भी कोई नुक्सान वाली बात नही , क्योंकि अभ्यास की अलग से किताब तो फिर भी आपको लेनी ही पड़ेगी ।

अब पिछले साल के पूछे गए प्रश्न और किस स्तर के प्रश्न पूछे गए ।

इसके लिए दो विकल्प हैं ।
१. इंटरनेट में ढूंढें । पैसे ज़रूर बचेंगे किन्तु मज़े वाली बात न बन पाएगी । ढूंढ़ना भी समस्या और फिर कम्प्यूटर से पढ़ना  भी
२. एक ऐसी किताब जिसमे पिछले सालों के प्रश्न हल किये हुए मिल जाएं  - जैसे अरिहंत की यहां नज़र डालें  या बाजार से यूनीक की खरीदें

और तैयारी सम्पूर्ण करने के लिए अभ्यास भी ज़रूरी है

यदि आप किसी मैट्रो  या बड़े शहर के पास हैं तो वहां जा कर किसी अच्छे कोचिंग के पेपर फोटोस्टेट करवा सकते हैं । इससे अप्पको यह भी नही लगेगा के कोचिंग वाले कुछ तीर मारना सीखाते हैं ।
या फिर आप एक किताब खरीद लें जिसमे ४०-५०  अभ्यास के लिए पेपर हों । उन्हें घर बैठ  कर  समय के अनुसार जितना आपको इम्तिहान में मिलने वाला है , उसके अनुसार उसको हल करें और अपनी तैयार को परखें ।  इसके किये अरिहंत की यह किताब (50  टेस्ट )  या फिर यह किताब (20  टेस्ट) देखें


सावधान ** अपने आप को बाज़ार में और ऑनलाइन मिलने वाली सैंकड़ो किताबों में ना उलझाएं । मात्र ३ किताबें बहुत पर्याप्त हैं , बाकी आपकी खुद की मेहनत यह निर्धारित करेगी की आप कितना सफल होंगे  ।