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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Study Material for SBI Associate Clerical 2015 January - Part 2 - Download PDF / Read Online


This is Part 2 of the Current Affairs for SBI Assoc. Clerical to be held in Jan 2015.

ü RBI had recently increased the limit of Pre-Paid Card from 50K to 1 lakh
ü Date for exchanging pre-2005 currency - June 30,  2015
ü Acute Water crisis in Maldives - Why ? 
Bcoz Fire broke out in water treatment plant
ü Blind Cricket World Cup - Won by India ( defeated Pakistan in final)
ü Full form of LED ? Light Emitting Diode
ü Full Form of CFL ? Compact Florescent Lamp
ü Baichung Bhutia was recently honoured with Asian Football Confederation ‘Hall of Fame Award’
ü 1st train to N.E. India >> Meghalaya
ü Movie “ Mary Kom”
Starring : Priyanka Chopra
Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Story Writer : Saiwan Quadras

ü Union Ministers
Home Minister Kamal Nath
Finance Minister -  Arun Jaitley
Information & Broadcasting -  Arun Jaitley
Corporate Affairs -  Arun Jaitley
Defence Minister-  Manohar Parrikar
External Affairs -  Sushma Swaraj
Law & Justice -  D V Sadanand Gowda
HRD Minister -  Smriti Irani
Water River Resources, Ganga Rejuvenation -  Uma Bharati
Rural , Panchayat, Drinking Water  -  Chaudhary Birender Singh
Urban Affairs & Poverty Alleviation-  Venkaiah Naidu
Road & Shipping Waterway Transport -  Nitin Gadkari
Railways - Suresh Prabhu
Environment -  Prakash Javedkar
Health & Family Welfare Minister-  Jagat Prakash Nadda
Women & Child Development -  Maneka Gandhi
Social Justice Empowerment -  Thawar Chand Gehlot
Agriculture -  Radha Mohan Singh
Minority Affairs -  Najma A Hepatullah
Earth Science - Harsh Vardhan ( earlier Health minister)

ü Fastest Century in Cricket (31 balls) - 
ü Guru Teg bahadur Trophy related to Hockey
ü Next FIFA world Cup @ Russia
ü World Record in stumpings in international cricket - MS Dhoni
Second Record : Kumara Sangakara
ü Headquarters of BRICS bank - Shanghai
BRICS =  Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (5 nations)
ü “Operation All Out” by Indian Army - in Assam to drive out Bodo militants
ü Banking Ombudsman fees = 0
ü Govt had stopped printing Rs 1 note since 1994, Now it will start again.
ü 35th National Games - 2015 will be hosted by Kerala
ü Kisan Diwas = 23rd Decemeber = B’day of Chaudhary Charan Singh
ü FICCI = ? Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
President of FICCI = Jyotsna Suri
ü Minorities Rights Day = 18th December
ü Interest Rate on Provident Fund for 2014-2015 = 8.75%
ü Airlines Joint Venture - TATA sons & Singapore Airlines = Vistara
ü India’s biggest company by Fortune 500 list = IOCL (Indian Oil)
ü Aral Sea has completely dried up. It existed between ?
Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan
ü Democracy Protests in Hong Kong (Province under China) is called
Umbrella revolution
ü Delhi Metro ranked 2nd worldwide in list of metros.
ü Indian Pharma company setting up plant in Iran ? Cipla
ü Largest Cave found in China = Super Cave
ü GMR proposal to build $ 1.4 billion hydro plant in Nepal approved
ü Tropical Cyclone that struck Japan (Okinawan) recently 
- Typhoon Vongfong
ü Winters in Northern India in Winter season is caused by ?
Western Disturbances (Anti-Cyclones)
ü Largest Human Flag formed by India @ Chennai
Previous record - Pakistan
ü 5000 year old stepwell found @ Gujarat
ü For boosting manufacturing in India Prime Minister with focus on Make in India Campaign has  launched  Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Shramev Jayate Karyakram
ü MANAS for minorities skill development. MANAS = ?
Maulana Azad National Academy of Skills
ü National Academy for Golf & Athletics started in Kerala
ü India’s programme to reduce infant mortality rate ?
Indian New Born Action Plan ( INBAP )
ü Gujarat 1st state to develop its own Marine Commando Force to protect international borders
ü India’s 1st Olive Oil Refinery = @ Rajasthan
ü India’s 1st semi High Speed Rail b/w Delhi & Agra = Gatimaan Express
ü PM’s radio show =  Man ki baat
ü India’s fastest Super Computer (World Rank 52)= Prithvi iData Flex
ü World’s Biggest Telescope ?
TMT = Thirty Meter Telescope developed by 5 nations 
Japan, China, US, Canada & India
ü If India launched MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) (Mangalyaan) for Mars, NASA launched MAVEN. MAVEN  full form = ?
Mars Atmosphere & Volatile Evolution
ü India has approved buying Barak missiles from Israel worth 1000 crore
ü iPS = Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
ü India- Russia Air Force Joint Exercise - Avia Indra 2014
ü India-US joint military exercise =  Yudh Abhiyas
ü India- nepal exercise = Surya Kiran 7
ü Indian Air Force gifted Dakota Aircraft to Bangladesh for its museum
ü Creator of Brahmos Missile =  Apathukatha Sivathanu Pillai was recently awarded with 15th Lal bahadur Shastri National Award
ü Indian film nominated for OSCAR ?  =  Liar’s Dice

Books & Authors
ü “ Man of the Moment : Narendra Modi” by -  M V Kamath
ü “ The Gods of Antarctica “ by -  Yashwardhan Shukla
ü Nehru Gazing at Tommorrow “ by HR Bhardwaj
ü “Worthy Fights : A memoir of leadership in War & Peace “ by  Leon E Panetta

ü The Dramatic Decade : The Indira Gandhi Years” by -  President Pranab Mukherjee
ü And then One Day “ is autobiography of Naseer-ud-din Shah
ü “Assasination of Rajiv Gandhi: An inside job” by - Faraj Ahmad

ü “Not just an accountant “ by -  Vinod Rai (former CAG of India)
ü “Odyssey of My Life “ by -  Shivraj Patil
ü “The Vijaya Malaya Story”  by -  K Giri Prakash
ü My Years with Rajiv & Sonia“ by-  R D Pradhan

ü “Cry the Peacock” - Anita Desai
ü “Light on Yoga” by - B K S Iyenger
ü “Wolf of White Van”  by - John Darnielle
ü Writer of the Mother I never knew” by -  Sudha Murthy

ü My Journey Transforming into Dreams” - by-  APJ Abdul Kalam

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Download Power Electronics Notes in Power Point Presentation PPT for PSU GATE, IES AND UPSC OPTIONAL exam


Friday, January 16, 2015

MADE EASY Handwritten Notes- Electrical Engineering for GATE, IES, UPSC IAS and PSU exams

Hi found this material of Electrical Engineering for GATE, IES, UPSC IAS, & PSU exams.. so posting the links, Hope those preparing for electrical subject find this material useful.

Contents :
1. Electrical Power System   ( 36 MB)
2. Electrical Machines          (20 MB)
3. Power Electronics            ( 15 MB)
4. Measurement & Instrumentation   ( 13 MB)
5. Network Theory               (15 MB)
6. Control System                 ( 13 MB)
7. Signal & System              ( 16 MB)
8. Analog Electronics           ( 12 MB)
9. Digital Electronics            ( 13 MB)
10. Electrical & Engineering Materials   ( 8 MB)
11. EMF Theory                   ( 9 MB)
12. Micro Processors             (5 MB)
13. Communication Systems   (8 MB)
14. Engineering Mathematics   ( 11 MB)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Current Affairs Part - 1 for SBI Clerical Exam Jan 2015

This is part I article and contains important current affairs for SBI Clerical Jan 2015 Exam 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Geometry - Straight Lines & Triangle

Co-Ordinate Geometry

  • Centroid : Medians are concurrent (G)

  • Incentre: Int angle bisector are concurrent (I)

  • Orthocentre : Altitudes are concurrent (H)

  • Circumcentre : Perpendicular bisector are concurrent (O)

  • H,G,O are collinearG divides HO in the ratio 2:1

  • In an isoceles triangle all centres are collinear.

  1. Find the straight line passing through the point of intersection of straight lines x+y-5 = 0 and 4x-7y+10 = 0 and which is farthest from the point (2,2).

  2. Prove that a Δ having all vertices with integer co-ordinates cannot be equilateral.??



[ Algebra ] Percentage

Sometimes,we are in great hurry because of which we make very simple mistakes and we do not know. Making a mistake is one thing and being unaware of the mistake being done is yet another.
Now I will show you where a large number of students make mistake in questions of percentage.

Problem : If x is 25% more than y. Then how much is y less than x expressed as % of x.

Solution: As soon as the question is read, a majority gives the answer y is 25% less than x. Second category of people those who will see it as a trick and they will take two simple numbers. x=100 and y =75
So that x is 25 more than y. Here they fail to realize the term percentage. so they will also end up saying y is 25 less than x, hence answer is 25%.
But the answer to it must be solved for you now

X is 25% more than y
say y = 100
so x = 125
Talking in Percentage % change (incraese than y) in x = 25 % as per question = (x-y) / y = (125-100)/100 = .25 or 25%
Now similarly % change (decrease than x ) in y = (y-x) / x = (100-125)/125 =  - 25/125 = -1 /5 = -0.2 or -20%
-ve sign indicates the decrease w.r.t. x
Hence the answer must be y is 20% less than x.

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