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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Buying Online Material or Printed Material, Soft Copy PDFs or Hard Copy ?

This I am specially writing to guide those candidates who are caught in the web of various curiosities and many times take some decision of which they do not know impact.

Hi.. Many aspirants ask for such questions.

Should I join online course?
Or should I purchase notes in printed form?
Where to buy from?
Which institutes notes are best?
Is it costly compared to others?

I have no personal opinion for what would be best for you. You may take online course or take a postal course or classroom teaching, depending on your interest and capabilities.
But let us discuss what is best before spending even a dime!

Online courses - Many a times you buy online courses on seeing the advertisements and pictures of those who have cleared taking them. That is half truth. Nobody passes any exam by mere purchase of material! You have to work hard and learn. So important is learning whether you do it from a book or  a website.

Where the material comes from? Where the online course is made?
On the lighter side I may say, Online courses are made in heavens in clandestine! :)
Everybody picks up news and matter from newspaper, even all magazines. And The Hindu ( is their favourite. If you read newspaper The Hindu for one month and buy the magazine of the second coming month, you will know most material is AS IT IS...
Many times the material is copied from famous books relevant to your exam. Most of the times you will see it is the NCERT books that all are copy pasting and selling you at very cost and you also feel it so difficult to read them. Whereas if you read the books that have original material, you will understand the concept in better way.

Should you completely avoid Online materials?
NO. Many a times people would be discussing things online, which will make you recall and prepare and revise. It is thus advisable that you keep in touch.

Where to get online material free then?
Search for some websites and blogs for GK Material online, you will get many sites. Nobody charges you. You read as and when you like. What you do is just bookmark that page. Also enter the address in address bar and press enter. this way it will come up as suggestion every time you want to go to that site.
Next join some mailing groups : You get email of updates and yoy can check back at your convenience.

You can also join some Facebook Pages and Groups
1. Online Material for Recruitment Exams (
2. Sarkari Naukri / Recruitment Exam (
3. Bank Govt Sec Aspirants ( )
4. IBPS Exam (
5. IBPS Preparation Portal (

Should I not read any Books?
Hehe.. Who said so? Books are indispensable. Buy some good books relevant to the exam you are appearing. Make your fundamentals strong! Read online and supplement your knowledge. So make a search for which books to read with your friends. If your friends have little knowledge of relevance, go and search online, ask in forums, facebook groups. You will get a good response.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing online material
1. Easy access with the click of button (That easy access is also available with free knowledge dispensing sites and blogs)
2. Updated Matter within 1 week/15 days (Matter is updated daily in Newspaper / Facebook people discuss)
3. Do not take space (If not in front of you, you may miss most time)
4. Some not all may give facility to discuss doubts (This you can do on Facebook Groups with other people)
5. Please suggest ..

1. High Cost compared to books in market.
2. Most matter is truncated as per wishes of editor of material. In book all matter is available and you read all.
3. What if electricity goes?
4. What if your internet network goes down.
5. What if the server of hosting websites goes down (On contrary, books are with you always. Servers Websites such as Facebook, Google, Blogs hardly give problems.. They are always accessible)
6.You have to be always on computer. (It is very painful to sit at one place. With books you can roam and read in your room)
7. All study on computer, leaves bad effect on eyes.
8. Difficult for those who haven't laptops or have got fixed wired internet to study in quilts.
9. please suggest more..

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Keywords: Guidance of aspirants, candidates, exams students

GIST of All books by UPSC Portal now has from past few years come up with various GIST books.
These GIST books they say are short notes of standard books.
They have made GIST of NCERT books of almost all subjects.
Here's a list of their GIST books.

1. Geography
2. Indian History
3. Indian Polity
4. General Science
5. Indian Economy
6. Complete Combo of all above 5 Gist books

Reviews : Since these are short notes, so these actually are short and concise and you can not expect details in them. So if you have sufficient time before exams go for the original source i.e. NCERT books from where these have been made. But if you are running short of time and haven't yet started, but still want to have a quick overview, then obviously you can use these books. But do not expect anything rocking.

These books are normally good for SSC exam, where you cover more and more aspects without having the need to dig so much details.

For downloading original NCERT books, follow

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Suggested books for Geography for UPSC, State Civil Service PCS, Exams.

Suggested Book for Geography for UPSC - IAS, State Civil Service Exams.

First of all you must read the NCERT Geography books which you can download free. Other option is NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling ) books.
But do NOT read both, because there is hardly any benefit as the content in both is same except language.
Now if you are running short of time there is one book published by UPSCportal (now known as IAS portal) which makes short notes from popular books and call them Gist.
So they have also made a GIST of NCERT. It is not available for free download, but it is not costly book and you can purchase if you don't want to read the actual NCERT books, but experience with Gist is not satisfying. Check out price of GIST of NCERT Geography on Flipkart Price / Amazon Price

Wait before going further, we must also know what popular institutes are recommending. Check this link for eg. Books recommended by Civil Service India.
Are you amused ? Yes, me too.
I hope you understand the one who was recommending has actually no idea that there are other subjects too. (Useless recommendations)

Certificate Physical and Human Geography by G.C.Leong

Review : Yes, this is good book and people read it. But isn't it costly and also it will not cover much of all syllabus. So if money doesn't matter go for it. But still you will have to buy some other book to complete remaining matter. Click to check out the price on Flipkart Price / Amazon Price.

Spectrum's Geography

Review : Too costly. Too bulky. Not worth time spent. Can't decide to recommend either for Prelims / nor mains / nor optional. Not a good option. Price on Flipkart / Amazon.

Geography of India : Majid Hussain

Review : Good book, but too bulky from my views. Not much costly because of discount is offered on Flipkart & Amazon. Otherwise from market you will not get that much discount.
But take it if you are taking Geography as optional. Else don't waste much time. Check out the price on Flipkart / Amazon.

Khullar's Comprehensive Geography of India

Review : Not recommended. Why ? Yes it is comprehensive and covers all aspects. But it is too costly, less discount, and too bulky to read. Total waste of time. Go for it if only if you want to take Geography as optional. Check out cost on Flipkart / Amazon.

Do Not take both Khullar and Majid Hussain mentioned above (both are of Indian Geography)

Indian and World Geography by Khullar - Prelims Special

Review : This is good for Prelims and will be helpful for Mains too. Cost - Average. Details - Reasonable. You can go for it if your optional is not Geography. Check out the price on Flipkart / Amazon.

Majid Hussain's Series
Go for these books only if you are taking Geography as optional.

Physical Geography - by Majid Hussain

Review : Go for it, if you haven't read NCERTs.
Good book helpful for Mains. But will consume time.

Geography of India : Majid Hussain

Review : You have to read it if appearing for Geography optional in Mains. Check out price on Flipkart / Amazon.

World geography - by Majid Hussain

Review : Go for it because it will be helpful to write Mains exam. But selective reading as per syllabus is required. Check out price on Flipkart / Amazon.

Human Geography - Majid Hussain

Review : Not worth time and money for prelims. But you have to go for it if you are taking Geography as optional. Price on Flipkart / Amazon.

Models in Geography - Majid Hussain

Review : Not required for Prelims. Take only for Geography optional. Check out price on Flipkart / Amazon.

MCQ book for Geography
2. UPSC Portal's    (Flipkart Price / Amazon's)

// Sufficient Information to crack IAS //
// Let's summarize //
// Don't overburden yourself with too many books //
// Have few and read them frequently //

Situation 1 - Your optional is not Geography

1. Read all NCERT books.

2. Go for Khullar's India & World Geography - Prelims Special


Situation 2 - Your optional is Geography

1. Read all NCERT books

2. Go for Majid Hussain's 5 books

    2.1 Physical Geography

    2.2 Geography of India

    2.3 World Geography

    2.4 Human Geography

    2.5 Models in Geography

3. Khullar's India & World Geography - Prelims Special (because unless you qualify Prelims, Collecting & reading Optional books is worthless. )


MCQ Book
And MCQ book for Geography in both situations because unless you qualify Prelims, Collecting & reading Optional books is worthless.

Majid Hussain's (Flipkart Price / Amazon's)

And One ATLAS is must

Remember there are hundreds of books in market as well as on flipkart / amazon, only to confuse you. But wisdom is sticking to few books and reading them repeatedly.
Just have a look here @ Geography books on Flipkart

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Missions, Schemes and Yojanas for SSC, FCI, UPSC & State Civil Service exam

  1. What is National Bal Swachhta Mission ?

  2. What is Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana ?

Some borders and important lines to remember

Geography  Borders and Lines

Borders & LinesSeparates
RadCliffe LineIndia & Pakistan
Durand LinePakistan & Afghanistan
Mc Mohan lineIndia & China
17th ParallelNorth Vietnam & South Vietnam before they merged
38 th ParallelNorth Korea & South Korea
49th Parallel
(Also called Medicine Line)
USA & Canada
* 24th ParallelPakistan claims this line as demarcation b/w India and Pakistan which India does not consider

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Short Quiz for SSC, FCI, State Civil Service & Banking Clerical exam

Miscellaneous Questions for Practice

Here are some questions that are very basic to the preparation of Clerical, SSC exam or even interviews. These are the questions which you should compulsorily know before sitting for SSC exam. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

  1. Author of “Othello”, “Merchant of Venice” & “Hemlet” ?
  2. 'War and Peace' is a notable work of ?
  3. “Anand Math” is the work of ?
  4. BRICS stand for ?
  5. Foundation day / year of UNO ?
  6. King Ashoka belonged to which dynasty ?
  7. Third Battle of Panipat was fought between ?
  8. The Arab invaded Sindh in ?
  9. Who rose to power after French Revolution ?
  10. Significance of Battle of Buxar ? Between whom it was fought ?
  11. Who were the allies of England in World War II ?
  12. When was World War I fought ?
  13. Which is the most populated state in India ?
  14. Which is the least populated state in India ?
  15. Is Right to Property a fundamental right ? Was it ever a fundamental right ?
  16. How can the President of India be removed from its position ?see Removal from Office
  17. How can a Judge of High Court / Supreme Court be removed from his office ?see Removal from Office
  18. How many languages are recognized by the constitution of India in Schedule 8 ?
  19. Why Narmada and Tapi do not form delta ?
  20. Why does Western Ghats get more rainfall ?
  21. CAG submits its report to  ?
  22. Which train in India has the longest route ?
  23. Who has the powers to reshuffle the portfolio of ministers of Union Government ?
  24. Which is the longest river in India ?
  25. Which is the longest river in the world ?
  26. Name the religious book of Parsis ?
  27. The highest gallantry award in India for showing valour in war ?
  28. Where is Straits of Gibraltar ?
  29. When was Battle of Plassey fought and between whom ?
  30. Which is the innermost planet of our solar system ?
  31. Which is the outermost planet of our solar system ?
  32. Which is the largest planet of our solar system ?
  33. What is Aurora Australis ?
  34. Southern-most point of India ?
  35. What is a sun-spot ?
  36. Largest producer of wheat in the world ?
  37. Largest producer of wheat in India ?
  38. What is the difference between Isotherms and Isohalines ?
  39. Panama Canal links ?
  40. Who is the present Chief Justice of India ? Check Here
  41. Who is the chairman of Rajya Sabha ?
  42. Davis Cup is associated with which sport ?
  43. Which is also known as Cockpit of Europe ?
  44. When did World War II start ?
  45. When was Indian National Congress formed ?
  46. How do you calculate National Income ?
  47. Where are the headquarters of IMF ?
  48. In which state is Konark ? What is Konark famous for ?
  49. What are Pampas ? Where do you find them ?
  50. London is situated on the banks of which river ?

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Friday, February 20, 2015

DICE type Questions : Solving them correctly & Trick for those who find it difficult

DICE type of questions are very easy and people solve them without any mistake. But if you find it difficult then don't waste time trying thinking about it. 
Here's the trick to solve it in no time even if you think these are difficult questions.

What all you'll need is "JUST ONE ERASER"
Whatever faces are shown and number depicted in questions, write them on the sides of eraser, because your eraser also has six sides as a dice. And you are done !!


Step by step solving (without using Eraser)

Take Eraser and start writing on it step by step.
Whatever faces you in question write it on side facing you, whatever on top write on eraser top, whatever on sides write it respectively on side.
Rotate the eraser and orient when required.

 ( It is difficult to show a 3D eraser on 2D page, but still I have tried it to show you in some way) 
It will be helpful only if you do along with !!
It's Simple though !
Here 6 is facing you, 
4 is on top 
& 2 is on right side

Here make sure you are facing 2
4 should be on top
and on right side there should be blank face so that you can write 3

3 is facing you
2 is on right side
Make sure top is empty to write 1

(Hopefully 2 & 3 will appear inverted... but that doesn't make any difference .. coz 2 remain 2 upright or whatever.. just think dice having two dots... you can't say what is two dots upside and inverted or horizontal ?? does it make difference ? NO )

Though I have shown you in a very elaborate way and you did it while reading online, but when you know what actually we have done.. you can repeat it in no time and answer comes correct naturally.. It saves a lot of time and if done correctly without applying any reasoning or logic you can do it. But do remember to carry eraser in exam in your pocket and pen or pencil too.

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